Why A Narcissist Won t Divorce You

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People having a divorce prefer having an amicable end to their marriage. But this is often not possible if one of the spouses is a narcissist. Narcissists introduce a few extra layers of complications to divorce because they center themselves on any issue.  Since narcissists cannot consider other people’s points of view, negotiations between them and their spouses during divorce are almost always going to fail.

Your narcissistic spouse cannot relate to you and will do anything to drag out your divorce to frustrate you or to maintain a sense of control over you.  An experienced divorce lawyer can help you craft strategies that can make it harder for your narcissistic spouse to frustrate you.

Why Settling Divorce Issues Is Harder With A Narcissist

Divorce Lawyers Specializing In Narcissism Near Me

The following are reasons why its almost impossible to settle issues with a narcissist during divorce:

  • The narcissist does not approach issues logically but emotionally
  • They are obsessed with winning rather than compromising
  • They believe they are always right making it difficult to persuade them to agree to an amicable divorce
  • They want to control or manipulate every situation

That means that a narcissist is less likely to agree to a solution that makes more sense. For example, a narcissist is more likely to fight any property division agreement out of court that benefits the other spouse, and would rather go to the court making the whole divorce process more expensive for everyone.

They have a misguided belief that they can convince the judge to make a decision that favors them. Trying to get your narcissistic spouse to see things or your point of view is a waste of time and money.

Protecting Yourself And Your Assets

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Divorce Lawyers Specializing In NarcissismYou should protect your mental health if you are divorcing a narcissist. Get counseling for yourself so that you can stay strong, especially when the narcissist is trying to frustrate you and make you angry.  Another benefit is that you will be more capable of supporting and protecting your children.

A mental health expert is likely to advise you to disengage from the narcissist as much as possible.

Seek the help of an experienced divorce attorney to help you protect your assets from your narcissistic spouse. While lawyers are not licensed mental health experts, they can spot narcissists a mile away because they constantly have to deal with such characters in their line of work.  The lawyer will show you how to deal with a narcissist while protecting your assets.

Tips For Divorcing A Narcissist

Will A Narcissist Divorce You

You need to take the following steps when divorcing a narcissist:

  • Disengage with the narcissist because any attempt to reason with them will end in frustration
  • Your lawyer should be the one to communicate with the narcissist on any divorce matters. Consult with your lawyer when the narcissist threatens you
  • Use the co-parenting tools the court offers you to avoid falling into any traps the narcissist may lay to make people think you are a bad parent
  • Keep copies of receipts, documents, texts, emails and more just in case you find yourself in court
  • Set clear boundaries that the narcissist cannot cross and let your lawyer fight any battles on your behalf.

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