Do you have questions about the divorce process? Maybe you’ve already filed for divorce or don’t know where to begin. We can answer your questions and help you plan a roadmap for your next steps.

Uncontested Divorces

If you and your spouse can agree to the terms of a divorce, a lawyer can draft an “Agreed Final Decree of Divorce” for you. Although all terms are agreed upon between the spouses, it is best to consult with an attorney prior to submitting your final paperwork before a judge. Many pieces of property will need to be divided with special consideration in order to avoid unwanted tax consequences and penalties. Divorcing spouses will also need to ensure that the property awarded to each spouse can be used without interference from the other spouse after the divorce.

Contested Divorces

If you and your spouse cannot agree to the terms of a divorce, a judge will determine the terms for you. The judge will consider the property and debts incurred during the marriage and will divide that property in a just manner. You will need a dedicated and experienced family law attorney by your side.

Divorce is often a highly emotional process that can impact how you make your decisions. In fact, it’s often the most important financial decision you can ever make. Those who try to do it on their own can leave themselves vulnerable to difficulties in the future. An attorney can help negotiate a settlement for you to help protect you and your future. It is crucial for you to have a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to guide you through this process. We are here to help—call Bustos Family Law today to schedule an initial consultation.