How Much Does A Divorce Lawyer Cost In Texas

Cost of Divorce in Austin

Filing for divorce or being served divorce papers pushes you into an emotional roller coaster as you try to figure out why your marriage is ending and how you are going to pay for the divorce. It is wise to be concerned about how much your divorce will cost you. Some people search for cheap legal representation, but this may negatively impact their case.

Since very important issues such as child support, property division, child custody and more are decided in a divorce case, it makes sense to get an experienced Austin divorce lawyer to protect and fight for your rights and interests.

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How Much Does Divorce Cost In Texas?

What Is The Average Retainer Fee For A Divorce Lawyer In Texas

Austin Divorce Lawyer CostThere is no way to tell exactly how much your divorce will cost because every divorce case has its own unique circumstances. The truth is that divorces are not cheap.  According to certain studies the average cost of divorce in Texas can be quite high which will also includes court fees and certain expenditures.

But even these averages are just the tip of the iceberg because there are many factors that can move the average cost down or up by thousands of dollars.

What Factors Determine Divorce Cost?

The Cost of a Divorce in Texas

No divorce is easy or simple because they all deal with very complex matters that can take a lot of time and money to resolve.  The average cost of a divorce in Texas does not even scratch the surface of actual reality.  The following factors contribute to this wide disparity:

  • Fault in divorce: A judge can find a spouse at fault if it is proven that the spouse committed adultery, was abusive, abandoned their other spouse and more.
  • Minor children: If the parties divorcing have minor children, the average cost of the divorce can be higher
  • Substantial marital assets: The cost is likely to be higher if the spouses owned significant marital assets such as businesses, retirement plans and so on.
  • Unemployed Spouse: If one of the spouses was a stay at home mum or dad or doesn’t have a job, a divorce may significantly affect their quality of life. So, the court may have to consider alimony or spousal support.

How Much Do You Pay A Divorce Lawyer?

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Divorce If Both Parties Agree In Texas

Most Austin divorce attorneys charge a specified amount per hour but there will be a disparity in costs depending on how complex your case is. Both spouses own the community assets and so the court may decide that those assets should be used to pay for lawyers and other litigation expenses. There is no law that forces one party to cover all the costs of the divorce. You may have to pay your lawyer an upfront retainer of thousands of dollars and then an hourly lawyers fee for tasks that follow.

The cost per hour depends on whether it’s the lawyer performing the work or paralegals that work with the lawyer. Paralegals handle tasks such as preparing documents for divorce or child support and so on but they are paid about half of what the lawyer earns per hour.  Divorce is simply not cheap.

What you should focus on is getting a lawyer that will defend your interests with commitment and will be open about all the hourly charges and fees.

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Austin Divorce Lawyer Cost FAQ

How much does a divorce cost in Austin, Texas?

The cost can vary depending on your circumstances but in comparison to a mediated divorce, the average cost of a litigated divorce in Austin, TX can be higher but you will need to check with your attorney.

What is the cost to get a divorce if both parties agree in TX?

The average cost of uncontested divorce in Texas can vary depending on whether attorneys are involved and other factors. However in general, In every state, it is the most affordable and cost-effective choice.