Divorce In Texas With Kids

Divorce Process In Texas With Child

Getting a divorce is very emotional and uncomfortable, but you can protect your finances and agree on a great co-parenting schedule during the divorce process. All this can happen without any negative effect on your child. While feeling lost, intimidated, and confused during divorce is perfectly normal, you must make the right decisions that set the tone going forward.

These decisions will impact your life long after the divorce is finalized. That is why You need an experienced divorce lawyer by your side to help you navigate the divorce process and divorcing in Texas with children.

What To Consider During Divorce

Divorce With Child In Texas

The most important issues that are handled during divorce include the marital estate, issues regarding children, and family law in your state. Your main goal should be for your children to be protected and for the divorce to be finalized amicably and economically. Since every divorce is unique, the strategy you use to solve divorce issues may be different from the ones used by other couples that divorced.

Certain supplementary steps may be taken if your divorce involves significant property or if there were children in the marriage. These steps include valuation of a business, property appraisals, custody evaluations, and more. That means that your divorce process could last longer and may have a higher cost compared to other divorces.

The soonest a divorce can be finalized is on the 61st day after the date you filed for divorce. This is because Texas has a mandatory 60-day waiting period after you file for divorce. Within this time period, couples are expected to determine the important issues concerning the children and marital property division.

Issues regarding property and children are separate and should not be used as bargaining chips to leverage against the other.  Using them as bargaining chips can only further complicate your divorce process.

Children During Divorce

Divorce Laws In Texas Child Custody

Divorcing In Texas With ChildrenChildren must always be put at the forefront during the divorce process.  This is because both parents still have to co-parent after the divorce is finalized. Fighting and airing each other’s dirty laundry during the divorce process can harm your children now and in the future.

You don’t have to accuse the other parent of being a bad parent or belittle their ability to care for your children for you to “win”.  You should always pursue an amicable divorce whenever possible because that can ensure a more manageable co-parent situation once the divorce is finalized.  Remember that you are not divorcing your child, and the other parent still loves your child even if they don’t love you anymore.

If you believed your spouse was a good parent before the divorce process began, there is no need to change your mind during the divorce.

Frivolous Accusations Against Your Spouse

How To File For Divorce In Texas With Children

While it is understandable that spouses may dislike each other during the divorce process, this doesn’t mean that the judge may not see through frivolous accusations they make against each other. Some accusations the judge may not believe include:

  • Accusations that the other spouse is not a good parent
  • Claiming that the other parent does want what is best for the child
  • Claiming that the other spouse does not love the child

The court will always base its decisions regarding the child on the best interests of the child, not accusations.

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