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TX Expanded Standard Possession Order

Divorce can significantly transform the relationship between parents and their children. To try and preserve their relationship with their children, divorcing couples can either choose a Texas Standard/Expanded Standard Possession schedule or a 50/50 schedule. The disparity between these two options is one day, which for most parents is enough to spend a lot of money fighting over the difference.

Texas courts have often leaned towards the Standard Possession Order (SPO), but recently both the courts and Texas legislature have been paying more attention to the 50/50 schedule. A trusted attorney can give you additional information about a expanded standard possession order in Texas.


Extended Standard Visitation In Texas

The SPO schedule involves one parent having possession on the first, third, and fifth weekend of every month from 6 pm Friday to 6 pm Sunday. This also includes Thursday evenings for two hours every school year from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Possession switches between the parents for Thanksgiving Spring Break and the first and second half of Christmas Break every year.

Parents can request for an ESPO schedule, which is just an SPO schedule where the Thursday and Sunday possession duration become overnights during the school year. So, the ESPO schedule involves one parent having possession on the first, third, and fifth weekend, but the weekend begins when school is dismissed on Thursday to Monday morning when school resumes.

Holiday and Summer possession schedules for ESPO are similar to SPO schedules.

What Is A 50/50 Child Custody Schedule?

50 50 Custody In Texas

Expanded Standard Possession Order TexasUnlike in the past when judges assumed the parents would agree to an SPO schedule, they are now more open to a 50/50 schedule. Parents that really want to maintain the possession they had for their children before the divorce will probably fight for a 50/50 schedule. While it’s not exactly the same as it was before the divorce, a 50/50 schedule means awarding each parent equal possession time.

There are various ways parents can achieve a 50/50 schedule as long as each parent gets 50 percent possession every year.  The most common 50/50 schedules are:

  • Week on/Week off: Here one parent spends a week with the child and then the other parent spends the next week with the child. They may exchange the child every Friday or Sunday.
  • 2/2/5/5 Schedule: A parent gets possession on Monday and Tuesday while the other parent gets Wednesday and Thursday. They alternated possession from Friday to Monday morning.

Benefits Of SPOs/ESPOs

Modified Possession Order Texas

While it is true that an SPO or ESPO schedule has lesser possession time, the time awarded is actually quality time. The benefits include:

  • The Parent that has possession on the 1st,3rd, and 5th weekends gets a few more weekends each year because not all months have five weekends. You have more quality free time with your child on the weekends because they do not have to go to school.
  • You can focus more on work during the week if you are the parent with the ESPO or SPO schedule. The parent that spends time with the child during the week has to perform child-rearing duties and is scrutinized more because they have more overnights with the child.

Benefits Of 50/50

Texas Joint Custody Schedule

A 50/50 schedule means both parents get quality time with their children and share parenting responsibilities.  The child also feels at peace because no parent appears to have an advantage over the other.

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