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You need a divorce lawyer for Women in Austin who understands the pain and the emotions you are going through during your divorce. They should be able to listen keenly to your concerns and fears about the divorce and offer you legal advice on how to resolve those issues.

An experienced divorce lawyer from a reputable law firm can help you understand what financial and legal rights are at stake and create a strategy that can help protect your interests during divorce.  You deserve effective representation regardless of how complex you’re your divorce case is.

What Divorce Issues Can Your Lawyer Help You With?

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If you have marital assets of significant value or are a high net worth executive, a skilled Austin divorce lawyer can help you with the following:

  • Property division: An experienced lawyer with adequate resources can provide detailed representation to protect your separate property and marital assets.  Make sure you have a lawyer that is always available when you need to ask a question about property division.
  • Temporary spousal support:  If you need temporary spousal support, your lawyer can help you fight for temporary spousal support after your spouse fills out a Financial Information Statement. That means you don’t have to change your lifestyle just because you are divorcing your high net worth spouse.
  • Spousal maintenance: While Texas law does not entitle spouses to spousal maintenance after divorce, your lawyer can help you get spousal support if you have a child with a disability or you do not have a job and were relying on your spouse for financial support.
  • Contractual alimony: Sometimes couples agree on contractual alimony in order to settle a divorce case. Contractual alimony is a great idea if there are sharp disagreements between spouses on how to divide property that is not easy to divide in the first place.

Grounds For Divorce In Austin Texas

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Austin Divorce Lawyer For WomenYou can either file a fault-based divorce or a no-fault divorce in Texas. A fault-based divorce is based on misconduct such as infidelity, crime, domestic violence, and so on. A no-fault divorce is a divorce caused by a marriage that is insupportable because the couple no longer agrees on anything or there is just too much conflict to handle in the marriage.

A fault-based divorce requires the filing spouse to present evidence before the court that proves the other spouse did something wrong such as cheating. That means there will be long hearings where the judge listens to both sides airing their dirty linen in public. This is unacceptable if the spouses are celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, or a person that is held in high regard by the community.

What Type Of Divorce Should You Choose?

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A contested divorce is appropriate if you and your spouse cannot agree on any or most of the issues in your divorce.  This kind of divorce can only proceed in court where a judge will make the final decision.

But if you and your spouse are willing to negotiate and agree on most or all of the issues in your divorce, then an uncontested divorce is the better option.   Talk to your lawyer to help you determine what type of divorce is the best in your situation.

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